Success Stories

An Interview with Dr. Gan Wang, BAE Systems

How have you applied COSYSMO at BAE?

We have developed two internal tools based on COSYSMO that have been deployed at multiple sites and organizations to help estimate systems engineering effort on a number of our projects.  So far, we’ve used it on probably over 20 projects of all different types and sizes.

How has COSYSMO compared to previous estimating methods you’ve tried?

Well, it really depends on what you were using before.  There are upsides and downsides to any estimating method, and no method is perfect.  COSYSMO has definitely been a way to help improve confidence and credibility in the estimate.  If you really do your homework and get good calibration data for the model, it makes the assessment that much more accurate and credible.

How does COSYSMO compare in terms of ease-of-use?

Since COSYSMO uses the Parametric method, it really helps to save time and cost.  We’ve seen a significant cost savings compared to bottom-up estimating, over 90% savings in some cases.  Of course, COSYSMO isn’t a replacement for bottoms-up estimating, but its great as a validation method – as a cross check for whatever other estimates you have.

Have you been surprised by any of your estimates?

Sure, when we get results, sometimes you get surprises.  But that’s good, it forces you to dig down to the details and understand your assumptions vs. risks.  It makes you have tough conversations early on to avoid the cost overruns later.

Dr. Wang can be contacted at gan dot wang at baesystems dot com