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van Gaasbeek | January 24, 2004

Delphi Round 2 results

Valerdi | February 4, 2004

ISPA “Sizing via requirements”
Valerdi | March 5, 2004

COSYSMO Working Group Meeting Outbrief
Valerdi | March 16, 2004

Charts on model unification
Lane/Valerdi | October 26, 2004

COSYSMO Working Group Meeting Slides
Valerdi | October 28, 2004

COSYSMO Preliminary Results
Valerdi | February 4, 2005

COSYSMO Working Group Meeting
Valerdi | March 14, 2005

COSYSMO Risk-Confidence Estimator
Gaffney | March 14, 2005

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COSYSMO Delphi Survey
This is the form that was distributed to industry experts who participated in the calibration of COSYSMO’s size and cost drivers.