The purpose of the COSYSMO (Constructive Systems Engineering Cost Model) model is to estimate the Systems Engineering effort for large-scale systems (both software and hardware).

COSYSMO supports the ANSI/EIA 632 standard as a guide for identifying the Systems Engineering tasks and ISO/IEC 15288 standard for identifying system life cycle phases.

Several CSSE Affiliates, LAI Consortium Members, and members of the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) have been involved in the definition of the drivers, formulation of rating scales, data collection, and strategic direction of the model.

Research Areas

The COSYSMO community has been involved in several research themes that represent industry needs and areas for intellectual advancement in the field of systems engineering modeling.

  • Reuse in Systems Engineering
  • Harmonization of Systems Engineering and Software Engineering
  • Risk Modeling in Systems Engineering
  • Systems Engineering Schedule Estimation
  • Systems Engineering Sizing
  • Cost model calibration
  • Heuristics for cost estimation
  • Professionalization of Systems Engineering
  • Human Systems Integration